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I am Peter Fritz Walter, personal success and talent coach, and facilitator.

I have setup this site to inform you about my success and talent coaching services. Here is an overview.

I suggest you first review the Coaching Services, Methods, and Structure page, where I describe the coaching program in great detail. 

Once you've had an opportunity to familiarize yourself with my coaching program, please email me for an initial assessment, which I offer at no charge.

Please visit my Coaching Plans page to see a menu consisting of pricing and promotions I offer. 

Clients seeking to familiarize themselves with prospective consultants may find it helpful to visit the About Me page.

You may then also want to check out my Essays and Books

If you prefer audiobooks, please access Free Coaching Audio. You may benefit from the spoken word presentations found here. 

Lastly, check out the Testimonials / Letters of Recommendation page and see what previous/current clients have said about me and my coaching services. 

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