Coaching Plans

All online coaching is email based, with strategically interspersed webcam sessions that bring you into a closer and more personal relation with your coach. It is sometimes easier to express emotional issues or painful memories in a free-style talk rather than writing them down in all detail in an email.

Basic Coaching Plan

30$ per email exchange. 99$ per 45 min. webcam session.

Silver Coaching Plan

199$ for 10 email exchanges, including 1 free webcam session.

Gold Coaching Plan

299$ for 20 email exchanges, including 2 free webcam sessions.

Platinum Coaching Plan

399$ for 30 email exchanges, including 3 free webcam sessions.

One Year Coaching Plan*

899$ for 1-year of unlimited email exchanges, including 12 free webcam sessions, one every month. Complementary to this coaching plan, clients will receive a free copy of my book ‘The Better Life’ both as Paperback and Kindle Edition.

*Special Promotion: 10% discount for new clients of this plan, until 31st December, 2017.

Coaching Languages

Coaching can be effected in English, French, German, Dutch and with some caveat also in Spanish, Italian and Greek. The caveat is that during webcam sessions you can speak in your language, but I will respond in English.

Webcam Sessions

Webcam / Skype sessions are an essential element of online coaching. They fill the gap of what cannot achieved by mere writing, by mere email exchanges: the personal contact, and the possibility to speak freely and explain more complex episodes from one’s personal history.

But there is still another and more important dimension to webcam exchanges. It allows me as your coach to detect changes in your face expression and body language when you relate certain events and experiences from your life, from your past, from your childhood. I can see who you feel when you are relating to those events, and how you may want to be valued and understood on an emotional level, a level of empathy.

And it allows you as my coaching client to benefit from non-verbal cues in my behavior and body language that are intended to have a therapeutic effect, by speaking directly to your subconscious mind, thereby bypassing the verbal language interface. This is known to have a much greater transformational effect on people seeking help than mere verbal exchanges.

In all my Coaching Plans, one or several webcam sessions are an integral part and important complement to the purpose and goal of coaching.

If you want to schedule a Skype webcam session with me, please send me a contact request on Skype. 

My Skype ID is: pierrefwalter

Coaching Payment

Payment is to be effected in advance via PayPal to this email address: