Coaching Services, Methods, and Structure

This is my coaching road-map, as fully exposed and published in my book ‘The Better Life: Transforming Yourself from Inside Out (2014/2017).’

As my coaching is structured according to the book, here is the complete coaching template and structure, proceeding chapter by chapter in nine steps which represents nine different coaching methods or strategies. 

Behold, according to the coaching plan you choose, only one or two of these methods can be walked through with you, while when you choose the 1-year coaching plan, all these strategies can be dealt with in our coaching.

All these coaching methods are designed to get you on the high road of success, each method dealing with one particular area of a successful life.

Preface: Why I Wrote this Book

Read the Preface (PDF)

Introduction: The Spontaneous Power of Thought

Read the Introduction (PDF)

Chapter One: The Law of Attraction

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Chapter Two: Handle Latent Thoughts

Read Chapter Two (PDF)

Chapter Three: The Creative Process

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Coaching Structure

  • Creative Writing
  • What is Creativity?
  • Genius and Inner Knowledge
  • Four-Quadrant Genius

Chapter Four: Handle Projections

Read Chapter Four (PDF)

Coaching Structure

—Meditation vs. Introspection

—Listen to Inside without Judging

—Observe passively Your Self-Talk

Chapter Five: Author Your Life

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Coaching Structure

   —Integrating the Younger Self

   —Dealing with Inner Images

   —Bridge Your Subconscious Mind

   —Affirmative Prayer

   —Use Music for Psychic Balance

   —Use Spontaneous Art for Self-Expression

   —Rewrite Your Life

Chapter Six: Parenting toward Autonomy

Read Chapter Six (PDF)

Chapter Seven: Make Friends and Build a Social Life

Read Chapter Seven (PDF)

Chapter Eight: Habit of Happiness

Read Chapter Eight (PDF)

Chapter Nine: Success Strategies

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Coaching Structure



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