Relaxation and Focusing 2/2


Combirel® Relaxation and Focusing

This session helps you to—

  • relax deeply;
  • open and balance your harmony centers;
  • coordinate your brain hemispheres;
  • liberate you from anxiety;
  • help you to yield to receiving new input;
  • motivate you for new learning.

It is important that you be completely relaxed, open, liberated from anxiety, and from the start strongly motivated. You also should swing in your own continuum and yin-yang equilibrium to achieve maximum results. The relaxation session will lead you there.

You should listen to the music using high-quality headphones like the Grado RS 2 because it is specially composed to get your two brain hemispheres in synch. Repeat this for each phase and open the corresponding mandala image. It is important to proceed from Phase 1 to Phase 4, and in no other direction.

Phase One : Heart Chakra

—The heart center vibration. 

—I act in accordance with universal harmony. 

—I take responsibility for my relationships and know about the power of love. 

—I intuitively display the right attitude and form harmonious relationships. 

Phase Two : Throat Chakra

—The throat center vibration. 

—I learn to express feelings.  

—I handle power through speech. 

—I am open and expressive.

—I take responsibility for expressing myself and know about the power of the word.

Phase Three : Front Chakra

—The third eye vibration. 

—I integrate extrasensorial perception and gain power through wisdom.

—I am wise and alert. 

—I know about my inherent superpowers.

Phase Four : Fontanel Chakra

—The supreme vibration. 

—It opens spiritual sight and is associated with power through leadership.

—I am peaceful and strong. 

—I take responsibility for my life and know about my inherent leadership qualities.

Music composed and recorded by Peter Fritz Walter

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