Relaxation and Focusing 1/2


Combirel® Relaxation and Focusing

Getting Started

Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes 
and the grass grows by itself.
—Zen Poem

 Capacity to let go and accept

Relaxation is basic for everyone not because it is a fancy or some new fashion to be tried out. Without relaxation we get stuck, sooner or later, in the routines of our intellectual, rational way of thinking, and creative impulses get lost, overheard!

Relaxation temporarily changes the wave structure of our brain. In light trance our brain waves are in the so-called alpha state whereas when we are fully awake and think brain waves are beta waves.

This makes for a temporarily different approach to reality. We learn to let go and accept life as it is. But it also means that we learn to accept ourselves!

 Physical and psychic blockades disappear

Typically, in relaxation our muscles relearn to be smooth and supple. Strength can only come from smooth muscles, and not from stiffened ones. Illnesses of the spine, bones or articulations have their roots in long-lasting muscular tensions and the resulting deformations thus forcing the body into unnatural positions and attitudes. 

Since body and mind feedback each other, a stiff body and a stiff mind go hand in hand. Psychic inhibitions or blockades disappear once the body has regained its natural flexibility. It has been observed that overall health improves through regular practice of relaxation and meditation.

 Every relaxation is a new birth

It can be said that we are reborn after each deep relaxation. This is so because in the trance state we are connected to our inner source, our unlimited potential. Once we connect to this energy, it recharges our batteries and vivifies us from the very root of our being.

 Liberation from the past

Deep relaxation frees us from the bundle of facts belonging to the past, and lets us developroots in the present, a present that is dynamic, representing the first point of a line moving into a new future.

 Distance to present life circumstances

Deep relaxation allows us also to get some distance to present life circumstances so that we can resolve conflicting situations or experiences in a peaceful and constructive way.

This does not mean that we become fatalistic or apathetic. In the contrary! Relaxation unites us with our true power such as to reach our destination and realize our deepest and most original wishes and desires in a way in keeping with our own personal style.

 Peaceful problem solving

Relaxation is one of the most effective ways of problem solving. In the relaxed state we gain a distance to our present life circumstances and see them ‘in a broader frame’. We have access to intuitive insights and lateral thought since during relaxation our brain works in the alpha state where brain waves are longer and thought processes more coordinatedinvolving the two brain hemispheres. Often new solutions, ideas or projects come up as flashes of insight or dreams just after a relaxation session.


Zen wisdom teaches the importance of counter-balancing our rational thought processes by engaging in meditation, non-action or daily activities like sweeping or gardening. Relaxation can be said to represent another form of acting by non-action.

 Learn to relax

Our brain is naturally in alpha in the short interlude between waking state and sleep, these moments we daydream. We all know these states. We know that our subconscious mind protects us and guides us. How many times have we discovered ourselves daydreaming while driving a car!

You only need to recall this state of mind in order to use it profitably for learning purposes or health improvement or anything else you would like to achieve.

 Relaxation and health

Relaxation serves higher purposes than only giving rest to our mind. It is not only a basis for mental and physical change and self-improvement of any kind, but also a sure way to maintain good health.

 Relaxation and high creativity

When we inquire among highly creative and effective people, we see that they all use some kind of relaxation technique. Einstein was known to sleep very little during the night, yet having little naps in between working, minutes of deep relaxation that freshened up his mental and physical batteries. Actually, our mind is much more receptive in the alpha state and anything we want to impregnate upon it is easily retained and memorized.