Five organ improvisations, recorded 18 January 2021 (1-3) and 19 January 2021 (4, 5). In the first three improvisations, the music expresses the passion of life. I have studied Messiaen’s organ music and this is how I came to develop this style, which is atonal by nature. (While it is all spontaneous and I do not have any musical understanding of complex harmonies as Messiaen had it). In other words, it is pure intuition.

The last two improvisations are tonal and based on jazz harmonies and the quint cycle. They express a romantic take … and I have actually been weeping when rehearsing them … they express the deepest of my soul.

—Roland RD-700 Stage Piano
—ZOOM H6 Handy Recorder (Audio Interface)
—MacBook Pro 15”, Adobe® Audition
—DaVinci Resolve 17