The Webolution, Essay and Audio

I am talking about ‘The Mute Society.’ It is a phenomenon that I experience since starting web publishing back in 1998, when still working as a corporate trainer in Indonesia, a country offering a high level of human contact and lively communication, with people genuinely interested in high-level content. And while I have experienced social isolation in Germany, and previously in Switzerland during the time of my doctoral work in Geneva, this was never the case in South-East Asia, especially Indonesia. Contact-making was so easy and business people would be grateful for exposure to training and facilitating services coming from Europe in the form of an experienced trainer.

On the Web, then, I had to experience that complex and intellectual content is not what attracts followers and generally, people who have a certain IQ for being curious about novelty content, original ideas, and generally, content that is geared toward sharing and not toward money-making.

A woman once wrote me: ‘Dr. Walter, how come that there are no ads on your sites, do you give it all for free?’ I replied: ‘It never came to my mind to make money out of social sharing!’ I consider it really as a perversion of the original idea of sharing ideas that is the very foundation of publishing to focus on the ultimately goal of ‘making money from my sites.’ Let us not forget that when Gutenberg invented printing, he intended social sharing, not a mercantile profit. Encyclopedia Brittanica writes:
—Gutenberg’s printing press was considered a history-changing invention, making books widely accessible and ushering in an ‘information revolution.’

I needed several years to start a successful mailing list, it somehow did not work for me, and I tried recently again with Mailchimp and finally now have 70 members on my list, and that, I consider already as a success given my former isolation. But I am talking here about a phenomenon I consider as part of the West and Western people. Here in South-East Asia, there is remarkable interest in my publications but there is the language barrier, while for English-speaking, French-speaking and German-speaking people I am of course coming over as an easy content provider, but there is no serious interest in what I have to offer, and social media do not bring any advantage here. I have now 2,783 connections on LinkedIn, but they are absolutely useless as a resource of possible readers and followers of my 200+ books, ebooks and audiobooks. Here and there I get a LIKE for some post or the other, but all this is absolutely insignificant given the novelty, originality and availability of the content I am providing!

In truth, Western society is a no-brainer, it has no intelligence, is mechanistic and gadget-addicted, and it shuns and always shunned those who are beyond the social manipulation, the media dominance, and the general whitewash into ‘adaptive stupidity’ that is so characteristic for postmodern Western culture. It is a no-culture after all, and has decimated and genocided all those native populations that were real cultures, which means that they were (and are) social in the true sense of the word: based on sharing ideas, not on sharing consumer stupidity and intellectual mediocrity and apathy.

That publishing was and is sharing of ideas, is the cultural basis of democracy, and there is no other, if today’s masses of profit-addicted idiots and ‘marketers’ recognize it or not. In my essay ‘The Webolution’ which I wrote as early as in 1998, at the start of my ‘Internet career,’ I expand further on this subject, and also on the political role of the Internet. This essay, as original as it is in its conception, has not delivered to me one single line from one single thinking individual anywhere in the world.

If I had not a spiritual mission and were conscious of it, I would since long have opted out from providing pearls for the pigs, in this brainless, boring and intellectually poor society!

Well, I should be precise about the terms and notions I am using. When I speak of *society* in this context, I mean the accumulated populations of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France, and no other populations. This is not prejudice, by the way, but fully based upon 30+ years of experience. And I have to put a reservation here for the United States for it is the perhaps only country in the world that hosts both sides of the spectrum, and is the living representative of a lively counter-culture that contains all the diversity and democratic values that the mainstream seems to have lost over the last two decades.

I should also emphasize that I consider as emotionally much smarter both the Nordic countries in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc.) and the Southern countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.), as well as the countries in South-East Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. It is old tradition in these countries to think not only with your left brain, thus analytically, but with both brain hemispheres engaged, thus holistically. I have lived in most of these countries in Asia and long-term, such as Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia and can witness for the emotional smart of their populations. My publishing success in these countries is impaired solely by the language barrier, while those who are proficient in English and have read some of my writings gave me more appreciation and understanding than any Westerner. The worst are the people from my own country, Germany. There is to be a single one still to write me an email in now twenty years of publishing in German language!

For those of you who doubt my allegations regarding Germany, please read my autobiography, and you will see for yourself. I cannot think of a more stupid country to grow up in as a talented boy.

And for those of you who doubt my general experience of self-publishing (1998 to now), let me put a few simple facts here:
—In every of the 100+ books of mine, my email address is contained in the ‘Author Contact’ section. To this very day, not a single person anywhere on the globe has sent me an email to tell me impressions from the book.
—I get personal emails from people who have read some of my writings, about two to three per year.
—For having published 115 Paperback books, and a same amount of Kindle books and 70 Audiobooks (Audible), I receive around 500$ of royalties per month. This is the ‘reward’ for thousands and thousands of hours put into the sharing of it all …

Ultimately, the West has all their reasons to suppress the truth that the smartest country on earth is China, and no other country! Most of the inventions that are claimed by the West are pure fake, for they were preceded, some of them by several thousands of years, by Chinese inventions. Examples are paper, printing, money, and many from the field of agriculture …

The Genius of China