Your Way to Wholeness

The ultimate goal of self-development is to become whole again. Wholeness is inner and outer harmony, a state where all fragmentation has ended and one feels imbedded in the cosmic web of life.

Your Way to Selfhood

We all need to shorten the distance between our ego and our (higher) self, until both coincide, or the ego dissolves within the self. According to psychologist Carl Jung, this journey to the self is a longissima via, a very long path to follow, that in many cases goes beyond one single lifetime. Whatever time you need, it is important that you start this journey as soon as you can by becoming an individual!

To begin with, you need to build autonomy for achieving independence, and independence is the starting point for building interdependence. For all great success in life, you need to be interdependent with others.

Your Way to Prosperity

Prosperity is not just wealth, it is more than the accumulation of material possessions in that there needs to be flow in all financial matters, and it is the flowing nature of prosperity that requires us to overcome greed and learn to give-and-take with equal magnanimity.

Your Way to Prayer

The celebration of daily affirmative prayer for self and others is essential for me, the most important function and role of my ministry. So should it be for your own self-ministry, your self-management which should start with prayer every morning and end with prayer every evening.

Your Way to Nature

Understand nature and your own nature through modern science and systems theory. Without understanding nature, you will not live in harmony with your body and mind.

Your Way to Excellence

Excellence is the result of nurturing your talents and then being consistent in using them for your benefit. This implies the daily use of at least one of your talents, but if you got more than just one, the need to develop them all, one by one, so that you can use them professionally within your career path.

Religion Without Ritual

Religion without Ritual: The Autonomous Path to Spiritual Growth and Realization’ is a short article on the importance of autonomy in the process of true ‘religio,’ the inner quest for truth that is independent of any organized form of religion.

The short essays inquires into the subject by finding pairs of opposites in order to situate this quest outside of the conventional religious orders, sects, churches and organizations:
—Religion as Ritual
—Religion as Authority
—Religion as Autonomy
—Religion as Personal Growth

In truth, the inner quest for ‘religio’ and thus for connectedness with the inner guide or higher self, is based on autonomy rather than authority and it serves personal growth instead of providing the world with empty rituals.

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What is Shamanism?

What is Shamanism?’ within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is an opening essay for understanding what shamanism is and which role it plays today in Western society and culture.

The article proceeds empirically by clearly demonstrating in which ways shamanism is different from:

The purpose of the article was to show that shamanism really is a science, which becomes clear after comparing it with what seems to be similar movements in society. The article prepares a more thorough study of shamanism as a science, which is entitled ‘The Shamanic Method’ and part of the same series.

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A Science of Pattern

A Science of Pattern’ within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a research report about what I found to be ‘Eight Dynamic Patterns of Living’ in the lifestyle of tribal native populations around the world.

These lifestyle patterns secure in native populations a harmonious relationship with nature, and integration of emotions and a generally peaceful lifestyle.

By the same token, their absence in the lifestyle of dominator cultures such as our international consumer culture makes for chaos in relationships, widespread crime and psychosomatic disease large-scale. These patterns are:

1) The Autonomy Pattern
2) The Ecstasy Pattern
3) The Energy Pattern
4) The Language Pattern
5) The Love Pattern
6) The Pleasure Pattern
7) The Self-Regulation Pattern
8) The Touch Pattern

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A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion

A Scientific-Shamanic Approach to Religion within the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a quite original essay that I wrote first in French and in a state of meditation. It is my intuition speaking.

The essay basically says that talking about religion is an impossible quest for on the mere verbal level, sharing spiritual insights is not possible because verbal language lacks the words we can share in order to share the experience behind the words.

But even when two people experience the same miracle or other mind-opening spiritual experience, they will experience it differently.

However, it is well possible to share spiritually by non-verbal togetherness … such as two saints sitting together for one hour …

The essay is structured in these chapters:
—The Unique Self
—The Secret and the Real
—Body and Soul
—Desire and Morality
—Approaching the Divine?

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