It has been a while … with learning Chinese … I started back in 2000, the year my mother died and when I decided to sell the family property in Germany and move to Asia, with the ultimate goal to move to, or close to, China. Why was that? I was always a great admirer of Chinese Ancient Wisdom, also called Scholarly Daoism, a wisdom teaching that I know is quite popular today among German, French, and American intellectuals.

I am studying with the ASSIMIL method, which uses both brain hemispheres, and therefore achieves better results than the usual methods that use only the analytic mind (left brain hemisphere). I am sharing my lessons here, or at least a certain number of them:

And now I have again restarted … and feel so good about it all. There is something really uncanny about the Chinese language: it energizes me, it seems to contain vital energy, or what the Chinese call ch’i. There is ch’i in the language and when I am fatigued after several nights working through with about only one to three hours of sleep per night, then taking up Chinese and listening to it energizes me, and after about half an hour, all fatigue is gone!

I have now 1000 followers on Medium and this is largely due to my writings about Western Daoism.

There is one post that attracts most of the visits:

And this is my website about Daoism:

Thus, within the context of studying Daoism, the ancient philosophical wisdom of China, learning the Chinese language is imperative to me! But I must be particularly stubborn … after all it’s now 21 years and I still do not speak it … what is wrong with my learning? I think I need exposure, I have not found anybody here who could practice Chinese with me and I was actively searching for such a person. So if that does not work out, there is only one way, that is, after Chinese resolves its second COVID-19 wave, to travel more often to Shanghai and the West Lake and perhaps also Beijing, for making friends and actively practicing Chinese.

In the meantime, I was contacted by, as they are looking for online teachers, and I will prepare a course about Western Daoism. I am really looking forward to it, for it is a subject that fascinates me since many years. I consider Chinese Daoist philosophy as one of the highest expressions of spirituality on the globe, while it is not very popular for that matter.

I have also published an article in China, for a Chinese Tour Company, entitled ‘Daoism in China.’ It is on Medium: