And I again have to update this post. After further reflection, I have abstained from ordering a home organ, while I got a very good offer for one from Singapore (Roland C 330).

Roland C-330 Oak Finish

The reason for my going back to my former choice of the KAWAI NOVUS NV 10 has paradigmatic reasons. I am a keyboardist since age 12 and have never played the organ, in the sense that I have no knowledge at all how to use the foot pedal, while adaptation to a 2-manual setup for the hands is of course facile.

And there are more reasons. For years without end I have played piano improvisations and also recorded them. Here are just a couple of many examples of such music I have realized over the years:

And despite my high commitment to playing Baroque now (J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel), it is not excluded that I continue to improvise; the organ does not inspire me for that, only the piano.

Last not least, I am living in a basic non-tech country, Cambodia, and everything of a certain technical standard is under-developed here. I could certainly not find a teacher for learning the organ pedal, while this would be easy in Singapore. But because of Covid-19 regulations, it will not be possible for me to fly there for taking those lessons, and we do not know how long these travel restrictions will remain in place.

On the other hand and luckily, Madison Music here in Phnom Penh can order me the KAWAI NOVUS NV 10, so I will not have to deal with shipment charges and import tax.


I have to put a rather important update to this post. I could simply delete it or overwrite it, for my new choice is definite. But I do not want to invalidate my ideas of the past, so much the more in this specific case, for if I had stayed true to the piano (sound), my choice would still be the best one.

But I have changed, and this change was unexpected still a year ago. After days and weeks of falling back and forth between musical styles and what to play, I have chosen Baroque, and this choice is definitive. But that choice implied for me first to play the Harpsichord, which in the meantime I again have overthrown, for rather practical reasons.

Beautiful Harpsichord

A harpsichord is an extremely high-pitched instrument that can’t be played safely without bothering your neighbors. Thus while the instruments as such, especially when you buy handmade ones from small manufacturers in Holland or Italy, is not very expensive, the fact that you need to own or rent a house is well a hurdle … In addition, practicing Baroque now on a daily basis, I must say that the harpsichord sound is not bearable to my ears for more than about half an hour. It just scratches your brain …

Compare that with a beautiful and soft organ sound. So I decided to buy a home organ, once I am ready for it financially. And there are beautiful choices. My favorite ones are those from MIXTUUR ORGANS in Holland, then come the RODGERS organs, and then the ALLEN organs. The most affordable I now found is a refurbished Allen 124, for just about 4000$.

Allen 124

For a Rodgers it’s always more than 10,000$, and Mixtuur organs are probably still more expensive. But I definitely love their design.

Mixtuur Organ

And there is an extravagant Allen organ that costs 12,000$, and comes with a set of pipes, but I doubt that they produce real pipe sound. It may just be for decoration …

An Old-Fashioned Design and Look

Now, after all those years of being terribly confused and undecided about my musical choices, I have now found solid ground. I play only Bach and Handel, and this restrictive choice is also urged by my limited time for practice, given my literary engagement, at least until my PUBLIC DOMAIN EDITION is ready—which means about two more months!

Now, what motivates me to buy a home organ is that I want to learn the organ pedal. Only then will I be able to play organs in churches, for example in Singapore or in Taiwan or China. And this requires daily practice and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity for this new learning!

Organ Pedal

My present digital piano is the 19-year old Roland RD-700 Stage Piano. The piano sound is quite good and not (yet) perverted into modern jazz sounds. Yet one note gives a violent noise when being touched and there is no Roland dealer here in Cambodia where I could get that repaired.

So I am aspiring for the future into buying the first real hybrid piano, the Kawaii Novus NV-10. It is a fantastic idea, the entire playing mechanism is acoustic and from wood like in a real grand piano. The sound is integrated and from Onkyo, the very best in Japan in terms of musical reproduction.

Traditional Piano Playing Mechanism

The instrument thus ‘feels’ like Grand Piano when you play it. In addition it comes with advanced e-features, such as a huge collection from Kawai but also from Steinway, of playable music and exercise pieces. Also the iPhone can be connected and you can use the piano as a full-blown stereo …


The speaker outlets, produced by Onkyo, can be seen on the next photo.

As the price tag is more than 8000$, this acquisition needs to be carefully planned. For the good luck, Madison Music in Phnom Penh, just told me two days ago that they can order this instrument which is not the case, for example, for the new Roland RD-88 or the Roland RD-2000 stage pianos.