I always loved Steinway and my dream is a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand.

Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand

But for practical and financial reasons, I am choosing the KAWAI NOVUS NV 10.

For years without end I have played piano improvisations and also recorded them. Here are just a couple of examples of such music I have realized over the years:

And despite my high commitment to playing Baroque with single focus upon J.S. Bach, it is not excluded that I continue to improvise.

Luckily, Madison Music here in Phnom Penh can order me the KAWAI NOVUS NV 10, so I will not have to deal with shipment charges and import tax.



My present digital piano is the 19-year old Roland RD-700 Stage Piano. I am aspiring for the future into buying the first real hybrid piano, the Kawaii Novus NV-10. It is a fantastic idea, the entire playing mechanism is acoustic and from wood like in a real grand piano. The sound is integrated and from Onkyo, the very best in Japan in terms of musical reproduction.

Traditional Piano Playing Mechanism

The instrument thus ‘feels’ like Grand Piano when you play it. In addition it comes with advanced e-features, such as a huge collection from Kawai but also from Steinway, of playable music and exercise pieces. Also the iPhone can be connected and you can use the piano as a full-blown stereo …


The speaker outlets, produced by Onkyo, can be seen on the next photo.

As the price tag is more than 8000$, this acquisition needs to be carefully planned. For the good luck, Madison Music in Phnom Penh, just told me two days ago that they can order this instrument which is not the case, for example, for the new Roland RD-88 or the Roland RD-2000 stage pianos.